TEMPCO Finned Strip Heaters are used for both forced (mounted in a duct) and natural convection air heating (mounted at the bottom of cabinet type ovens).
The Finned Strip Heater's basic design consists of a helically wound resistance coil placed in a specially designed ceramic insulator. The resistance coil is mechanically connected to screw terminal for positive connection. Stainless steel rectangular tubing is used to house the heater assembly. All remaining voids are filled with high purity magnesium oxide to increase thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.
Nickel Plated Steel Fins (SS Optional) are mounted to the rectangular tubing. The fins have been specially designed to provide maximum surface contact for good heat dissipation into the finned cross sections, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer to the air.
TEMPCO Finned Strip Heaters are manufactured in a full line of standard sizes, electrical ratings and terminations, or can be made to your specifications.
Various sizes "In Stock" for immediate delivery.



 Design Features

  •  Rugged Durable Construction
  •  Stainless Steel Sheath
  •  Trouble Free Installation
  •  Various Terminations
  •  Nickel Plated Steel Fins (SSOptional)
  •  Various Sizes in Stock

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Typical Applications

  •  Duct Heating
  •  Space Heaters
  •  Drying Ovens
  •  Food Warmers
  •  Shrinking Tunnels
  •  Air Heating
  •  Heat Curing
  •  Dehumidifier